Who you will marry, what jobs you will you have, and the perspectives you hold (political and otherwise) can be predicted by your networking style. That’s what a new book by Yale Professor Marissa King, Social Chemistry, reveals.

This year you’ve probably missed your friends, community, and social circles more than ever. You’ve interacted with them as much and as safely as possible given restrictions. After all, research shows us that social connection is one of our greatest needs after food and shelter. And how we socialize, it turns out, determines most of the major outcomes of our lives.


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Life throws chaos at us on a regular basis — whether it’s our finances, our relationships, or our health. In the work world, around 50 percent of people are burned out in industries like health care, banking, and nonprofits, and employers spend $300 billion per year on workplace-related stress.

In response, we just keep on pushing through, surviving on adrenaline. We overschedule ourselves; we drink another coffee; we respond to one more email. If we stay amped up all the time, we think, we’ll eventually be able to get things done.

But all that does is burn us out, drain…

My first experience giving birth without meds was crazy. I cried, I swore, I yelled, I called for my mom. The second time, thanks to a hypnosis training, I went into a deep relaxation between contractions. To the point that my midwife thought I was sleeping and decided to take a nap while I was on the verge of delivery.

While I experienced as much pain the second time as the first, my experience was very different. Instead of anxiously panicking (and wallowing in self-pity) at the thought of the next contraction , I completely stopped resisting. I rested instead…

This year, like every year, most of us are trying to get more done, be happier, and have better relationships. Given the high levels of burnout across professions (50 percent by some accounts), we all could use some tools for higher efficiency and better self-care. The good news is that these 10 books provide valuable science-backed information for how to have the best year yet.

  1. Reach your peak efficiency: Do you ever feel like you sit at your desk for hours and still don’t get anything done? There’s a reason: Most of us haven’t understood how to capitalize on our…


The holiday season is filled with gifts — and empty of what people really want.

We’re seeing a loneliness crisis in our society with 42.6 million adults in the US suffering from it (and that’s including people under 45) — representing a literal public health epidemic that leads to earlier death… but we keep insisting on buying things, exchanging material goods, as if that can somehow make up for what we truly long for: connecting, kindness, love, meaningful non-technology-driven exchanges, eye contact, touch, humor.

We have so much stuff accumulating in our homes yet research shows that materialism is linked…

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“Follow your heart,” “Go with your gut,” “Find yourself,” “Speak your truth” — we’ve all heard these phrases ad nauseam.Each one is supposed to encourage us to live authentically and in line with our own wishes, desires, values, or ideas. Yet, we can also find it so very difficult and challenging to do so (or even to fully understand what doing so means).

First of all, what is our “heart” or our “truth,” exactly? And is it really ours? As someone who has taught in high-achieving environments like Yale and Stanford, it’s easy for me to see how one’s culture…

How often have you had the following conversation at work?

How are you?

Good. You?


It is a script we stick to even if we are dying inside.

It’s hard to build real connections with your colleagues if you never get beyond superficial chit-chat. And yet people who have a “best friend at work” are not only more likely to be happier and healthier, they are also seven times as likely to be engaged in their job. What’s more, employees who report having friends at work have higher levels of productivity, retention, and job satisfaction than those who don’t.

Ever since writing The Happiness Track, I’ve found myself coaching many people who want to write popular psychology (or other) books. That’s when I realized a lot of people have books in them but they don’t know where to start. The whole field of publishing seems like a mystery. Here’s a primer I wrote up to help you get started with the process.

1. Write

No, not your book. Some people have the mistaken idea that the entire book needs to be done before it is pitched. You don’t need to write a single word of your book before getting…

And Why Being Passive-Aggressive is the Worst of All.

Most of us don’t like confrontation — but it’s a fact of life we can’t run from forever. We have to assert ourselves, our boundaries and our needs — and others have to do the same with us.

There are a million terrible ways of expressing your frustration. Here’s how to do so with better emotional intelligence and to get the results you actually want.

The Role of Anger
Anger — both direct and indirect (or passive) — is meant to communicate something important — but sadly, it can drive people…

Stress has a rotten reputation — but not all of it is bad. The “good” kind gets you across the street quickly when you see an oncoming vehicle, or it motivates you to work towards a deadline. Your body enters self-protection mode and puts you in tip-top shape: your immune system, heart rate, attention and memory all gear up for survival.

However, when stress is chronic (think of pulling all-nighters and waiting until the last minute to get things done), it turns into bad stress — also known as distress. It can impact your health; you literally feel under attack…

Emma Seppälä, Ph.D.

Science Director Stanford U Center for Compassion|Author The Happiness Track emmaseppala.com/book|Contributor Harvard Business Review|Found fulfillmentdaily.com

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